Beach Clean Placemat set


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  • Our new beach clean material is made from hand harvested cork and recycled EVA plastic saved from our oceans.
  • Our cork oak forests are home to many endangered species of animals birds and plants. We can help them – the more cork we buy the more trees will be planted.
  • What’s more… cork is naturally harvested from the cork oak tree, every nine years, without harm.
  • Combining recycled EVA plastic with sustainably sourced cork, our Beach Clean products are incredibly Eco-conscious. 
  • Although the cork is heat resistant the EVA (food safe) plastics are not so therefor please do not use as a hot plate/trivet, however oven warmed plates are absolutely fine!
  • Made from cork and recycled plastic – saved from our oceans. 
  • 350 mm x 250 mm x 2 mm 
  • Recycled EVA is water and UV resistant
  • Matching coasters available

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